Training & Boot Camp

Get off to a good start with your puppy, or a better handle on your adult canine companion ensuring a safe, healthy, and sustainable relationship for everyone.

We offer our 35+ years of professional experience in professionally & patiently Training your furry friends to be adherent to commands and safe to interact with. We also offer an extensive Boot Camp program to maximize the effectiveness of training and outcomes.

Take a quick moment to fill out our application so we can get to know your situation a little better and give you the best assistance possible!


Our training techniques work on young or older dogs of a wide variety of breeds.
We employ the use of treats, choke collars, prong collars, and e-collars, if needed.
We teach through our bond with your animal, developing a mutual respect, as they find the joy in pleasing others.

Boot Camp (Includes Boarding)

– Deposits are non-refundable –
Prices don’t include State sales tax
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