Training is crucial when it comes to your Malamute, especially at an earlier age. These beautiful animals grow to be larger than some humans and can easily become a danger to you or your family & friends if not properly cared for. They have the potential of being among the most unique and amazing companions, given the correct training techniques which we’ll share with you now.

The experience of training your Malamute puppy or adult is extremely engaging and quite fun as well, building an everlasting bond between you and your companion. Bringing a Malamute into your family will instill your family as their ‘pack’ and just as in any pack there is a pecking order. It’s your job to humanely show your Malamute where their place is or they’ll quickly show you it’s at the top.

There are plenty of simple, humane techniques which mimic the interaction between maternal mother, father, and pack which will properly adjust your Malamutes behavior. The most common methods these days involve positive reinforcement using treats along with constant control through the use of a lead.

Your home is their home and therefore introducing your Malamute to their new environment can be tricky. Using a lead, introduce your puppy or even adult to its new space slowly; unlocking new areas progressively to allow for adjustment. This is especially effective for puppies during potty training and should be used in congruence with frequent walks outside.

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