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 is located in the state of Washington.Our Kennel is nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Photo taken by Madeleine  Cascade Kennel Owner  of Mount Hood-OR

MT HOOD is SE of our Kennel-

Cascade is owned and operated by

madeleine 6-2012

 Madeleine  Sellers

In a brief summary we would like to share with you what Cascade Huge Akc Alaskan Malamutes are all about..We hope you will get more of a personal idea of some of our practices and beliefs.We will share with you a little of what we have learned and done to improve our Kennel over the 26 years we have been breeding and raising these magnificient animals.

We started our Kennel from  the Snowden Alaskan Malamutes-Ray Ramsey.Ray was getting out of breeding after 20 years and we ended up with some of his best breeding stock,this gave us a huge head start on our breeding program.Our first breeding Alaskan Malamute was right around 150 lbs and just one point from being a conformation show champion,-he (Thumper)Akc reg name( Snowdens Black Russian) was absolutely beautiful.Ray has remained a good friend and we  have learned alot from him.

We decided early on if we were going to breed we wanted to do it right or not at all.We wanted ,and feel we have improved a part of the breed  that had been buried in this breeds past history.We always  wanted extra large Alaskan Malamutes that were above the current show standards but just as showy as the small show version.We wanted to produce Mals that would be among the strongest Mals in the world.We wanted to get back to the beginning but still maintain the stunning looks  most of the show breeders strive for.Our dogs would always be,and always are carefully  screened.Believe us when we say there are alot of very bad specimens of the breed out there,we acquired many along the way that just couldn't make the cut  to be in the Cascade breeding program .Most were sweet dogs that we found good pet homes for.

For us structure and tempermant  is the first major ingredient to a good dog.Not that we overlook  all the other qualities like overall muscle tone,looks,intelligence,tailset,earset,good markings and something  this hard working breed must have is -SPIRIT!

We have been across the country,coast to coast looking at dogs and competing againist other dogs.We are picky  about or dogs and as said before have gone through many dogs to screen for only the best.Many people and breeders buy an Alaskan Malamute ,and they are going to breed that dog regardless of the bad qualities, just because they put money and time out and they want to make money.As we said before,-in our eyes there are way way more bad Malamutes and breeders out there then there are good ones,some have a good talk and it takes a veteran that really knows the breed sometimes to see through the smoke.

We hope those who are going to buy an Alaskan Malamute will do the research and buy good dogs,it strengthens our  breed in the long run.

There is nothing better than a good well bred Alaskan Malamute.They can change your life for the better if you are willing to invest some time ,training and love.The payback is a devoted friend.If you just think they are pretty or good looking  and your just buying on a whim, please resist and wait until you know this is something that you really want .There are to many neglected dogs in backyards that usually become problems then end up in the pound(ruined ),that's sad and it hurts us deeply to see that.





Thanks for taking the time to visit us !

                     Madeleine Nathan Cascade Kennel


Cobra -Was one of the best and smartest Mals we have ever owned

He was our friend and buddy and he will forever be missed-


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